Wyvern and I went for a drive to Sacramento, through some beautiful country. Old Sacramento was a fascinating place, with one of the coolest rail museums I've ever seen. One locomotive was huge beyond belief - a behemoth and a remarkable piece of technology--a thing of power and elegance, comparable in its day to the magnificent machinery I was to see later at the Kennedy Space Centre.

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Punt crossing in the way to Sacramento Punt crossing portulacaWyvern and my rented ToyotaThat's a DAMN big locomotive!Pretty train Something all Daria fans will recogniseI wonder what that lever does?Yeah - that one!Pretty train again. Difficult photography conditions due to low light levels. Watch out for the TRAIN!This was the private carriage of a couple of wealthy dudes. What a way to travel!FLEE! THE GAINT HUMAN WILL CRUSH US!Old Sacramanto Old SacramentoOld SacramentoThe PyramidRiverboat Biiiiig flag!